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Just Got Paid

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Producers! It's time to jump in the Delorean and travel back in time to when "In Living Color," was the hottest skit comedy show on TV. What made the show so fresh wasn't just the skits and personalities of the Wayan's brothers, but the choreography of the "Fly Girls," set to a new genre of hip hop called, New Jack Swing.

To commemorate this momentous time in hip hop, the @vintagevxndals have teamed up once again to bring you our latest sample pack titled, "Just Got Paid," inspired by this often unmentioned genre that combines sounds from the 80s and early 90s with uptempo rhythms that have a distinct Hip hop/R&B groove.

Additionally, we have combined these sounds with classic 80s melodies and motifs to create a unique set of samples for you to work with. This sample kit will no doubt enhance your tracks and fill them with colorful, high energy vibes. The possibilities are endless!