All Roads Lead To The Sample Lab

At The Sample Lab, we house a carefully selected collection of over 200 sample libraries and drum packs for every music production hobbyist or hip-hop lover wishing to expand their music experience with unique and inspiring sounds.

Looking for original sample libraries? We’ve got them. Need some music libraries? Drum packs? They are right here.

Love For The Music

Our love for sample libraries goes way back in time. Being an avid collector of digital sample libraries, our founder was and continues to be obsessed with all things sample and drum libraries.

This great love finally grew into a professional need, leading to the foundation of The Sample Lab, a creative space where we all share the same excitement for music. From learning every tiny detail about original sample libraries to exploring their artwork, marketing, and creation, we never cease to dive deeper and deeper into the mesmerizing sample library world and discover new things about it.

We also have a deep passion for vintage sound design and top-notch musicianship, which is why we always strive to include them in our selection.

Real Music, Real Samples

The power of The Sample Lab lies in our quality curation process. Being music producers ourselves, we know firsthand what a music enthusiast is looking for when searching for sample libraries. That is why we do everything possible to provide you with the best drum packs and sample libraries available on the market.

Being extremely selective about the kind of sample libraries that we choose to provide you with, we dedicate a great amount of our time, energy, and resources to searching for sample libraries that will exceed your expectations.

Driven by the same quality commitment, we only work with sound designers equipped with specific skill sets in order to ensure we will offer you the best possible outcome.

So, if you are interested in sample libraries and drum packs, The Sample Lab is the place to be. Get creative and piece together the ultimate song using our sample libraries!