The 3 Course Bundle

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The 3 Course Bundle - 175 Royalty-Free Breaks

Tasty Breaks 
Crispy Rhythms
Da Crunch

Three drum libraries containing hard-hitting, raw, hip-hop breaks played by master drummer Tamuz.

🥁 Raw Grooves: hard-hitting drum breaks for an authentic, raw sound
🔥 Crafted specifically for hip-hop production with a perfect balance of rhythm and groove
📝 Royalty-Free
🎛️ Includes 175 breaks, 50 snares, 29 snares, 41 hi-hats
🎁 Includes ten bonus breaks - only included in the bundle

Tamuz's unique and energetic style is captured perfectly in this collection, providing a wide range of rhythms to use in hip-hop, funk, soul, and more.

All breaks are BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW and samplers)

Multiple demos below (Drums Only included)