The Sauce Pack Vol. 2

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• 🥁 "The Sauce Pack Volume 2": Spicier Drum Breaks: Unleash the heat with 100 all-new, original drum breaks that sizzle and pop, played and recorded by Tane himself. These grooves will infuse your tracks with an irresistible groove that's 100% royalty-free. Think J Dilla and D'angelo, and you're on the right track.

• 🎼 Exclusive Compositions: Flavorful additions are in store with five exclusive, full-length compositions by Tane. These compositions are the secret ingredient to elevate your creative recipe, and rest assured, master clearance is guaranteed.

• 🔊 Extra Punchy One-Shots: The pack includes 100 extra crispy one-shots, ready to add that punchy kick or snappy snare that your mix deserves.

• 🎹 Melodic Magic Continues: Continue to sprinkle melodic magic into your mix with 160 versatile melodic and FX one-shots. These elements add a hint of sweetness to perfectly balance the heat.

• 🎚️ Seamless Integration: Just like the original, all samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV file format and are thoughtfully BPM-labeled. This ensures that they effortlessly integrate into your production workflow, allowing you to maintain your creative flow.