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Fi Guitar and Other Saucy Stuff

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Lo-Fi Guitar And Other Saucy Stuff (All Sounds in the Demos are from the pack)

Dotan Bergman is back with the sauce. This is the ultimate toolbox for the modern-day Lo-FI producer. Packed with 190 sounds, every sound has been meticulously recorded or created from scratch. 

The highlights include - 17 expertly played, tape-baked Lo-Fi guitar loops ready to chop or drag and drop into your sampler or DAW, as well as 10 groove-heavy drum breaks played by Dotan. There are also around 170 one-shots to dig into of varying nature, from drums to guitar and synth sounds.

This royalty-free pack contains a lot of goodies for producers who want to cook with some extra sauce
Pack includes 190 Original sounds - 
10 Drums Loops
13 Perc Loops
10 Hihat Loops
9 Kicks
13 Snares
6 Percs
12 Hihats
17 Guitar loops
53 Guitar one shots
6 Guitar fx one shots
11 Bass one shots/loops
21 Synth one shots
10 Noise sounds (vinyl crackle, tape hiss…)