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Ocean Drive Volume 2

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We have all had moments in life where we’ve needed to escape our current situation. We’ve swam too deep, and looking up, now only begin to realise how far we’ve sunk. We desperately need to come back up for air, to breathe and reflect as the once great white peaks of an endless ocean become still and our purpose in life trembles once again into focus.

Ocean Drive 2 represents those feelings of despair ebbing into the abyss while new forms of consciousness emerge. Your senses are heightened by the sea salted air and orange blossom as you speed down the coast in a fire red convertible. The wind in your hair and the sun kissing the horizon, you drive for what seems like an eternity. At this point, you only have one question to ask yourself: Where are you going?

We, the Vintage Vxndals, hope this sample library will inspire you to take a breath and focus on what is most important to you. Each sample was crafted with the intention of driving you to make better music and achieve more solid musical goals. Ideas are born out of other ideas, and so this is the best way we feel we can motivate you to create your best work.

The samples are layered beautifully with melodic guitars, modern and vintage synths, and then seasoned with a variety of outboard effects. Each piece has a soundscape quality that is malleable for a variety of genres of music including, Pop/R&B/Trap and Hip Hop.

We hope you enjoy this pack and look forward to hearing where it takes you!