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Céu Azul Volume 2

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Olá, Dreamlife, Memory and The Sample Lab have teamed up once again to bring you Volume 2 of their Brazilian sample series, “Ceu Azul.” This sample library, at its core, is an amalgamation of rich cultural histories, musical innovations, and a deep appreciation for fusion blends of African, Latin and Classical Jazz music. The majority of the samples center around the acoustic guitar and have been teased with other melodic elements to create a truly authentic Brazilian feel. A good amount of research was done in order to provide you, the producer, with quintessential rhythms and melodies that represent what you might find on a Brazilian record.

One of the most iconic rhythms in Brazil is the Bossa Nova, which is derived from Samba, a style invented in the Afro-Brazilian communities of Rio de Janeiro in the mid-1900’s. Interestingly, it is theorized that the Bossa Nova is an extraction and simplification of a Samba rhythm that has been transformed through the use of unconventional chord shapes and unique styles of singing. A parallel can be drawn the way Hip hop borrows from multiple genres and uses unconventional techniques in order to create original sounds.

As hip hop producers, it’s no wonder why we find it so fascinating! There are no limits to what can be combined or reimagined in music, and so we hope this sample library will inspire you to bend musical genres and break the molds of modern hip hop beat production.