2.37 AM

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2:37 AM

Unveil the essence of modern R&B and TrapSoul with "2:37 AM," a collection that's been meticulously shaped by the creative minds of Devin Williams, alongside the talented Tori Williams and Given Kongolo. This pack is an ode to those unguarded moments of creativity that flourish in the still of the night.

Evocative Compositions

Dive into 10 full-length tracks, each brimming with the soulful essence of live electric and acoustic guitars, resonant bass, expressive keys, immersive synths, and captivating vocals. "2:37 AM" captures the heart of modern R&B and TrapSoul, offering a seamless blend of emotion and atmosphere.

 Crafted to Perfection

Feel the authenticity and warmth through every note played on live instruments. From the strum of the guitar to the melodic keys, every element is designed to resonate with the depth and complexity of true R&B

 BPM and Key Included

To streamline your production process, every sample comes labeled with its BPM and key. These samples seamlessly integrate with any DAW or sampler.

Authentic R&B Samples

By Devin Williams

2.37 am

90 BPM

Midnight Talks

69 BPM


95 BPM

Got Me Thinking

143 BPM

My Burdens

132 BPM

Never Again

91 BPM


  • 10 Full Length R&B Samples
  • Stems Option Available
  • BPM and Key Included
  • Full Of Live Instrumentation