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Iconic Talkbox Fusion

"Dimension" features 10 full-length samples where the Talk Box is not just an instrument, but the soul of the collection. Experience the unique, expressive power of this classic effect, expertly woven into each track.

World-Class Instrumentation

Blurring the lines between R&B, Neo Soul, and Hip Hop, this pack offers producers a versatile toolkit for creating tracks that transcend traditional boundaries.

Top-Notch Analog Sound Design

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the analog sound design in "Dimension" elevates the auditory experience. Every sample is imbued with a warmth and richness that only top-notch analog gear can provide.

Master Clearance Guaranteed 

All samples are key and BPM labeled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).

Talk Box Samples

By Dreamlife, Joey D Keyz & Nextwavez

Special Something

81 BPM


86 BPM


90 BPM


136 BPM


83 BPM

Hold On

90 BPM


  • 10 Full Length Compositions
  • Unique talk box Infused Samples
  • Stems Option Available
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed