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El Camino Del Lobo

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The Sample Lab presents El Camino Del Lobo. 

Dreamlife and Memory have cooked up another batch of sample moonshine.  Each sample in this pack consists of carefully crafted elements that distinguish this unique time and place in History

The inspiration for this pack includes everything from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez films, to Westerns like “A Fistful of Dollars” and “Blazing Saddles,” to Western-themed video games such as “Red Dead Redemption 2.” We tried to leave no stone unturned when researching ideas for this pack. We paid a great deal of attention to instrument choice, tone and timbre, and space to ensure we would capture the essence of the West and Southwest.
The library includes 10 vibrant and lively samples chock full of live acoustic and electric guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, and whistle, as well as a variety of other artisanal sounds that help paint the portrait of the Southwest. The samples were heavily processed with outboard gear, and in many cases, resampled to give them a distinct, nostalgic feel that brings you back to the days of gunslingin’ and gin drinkin’.
Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are key and BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).