Fusion Vol. 1

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Jazz Fusion Reimagined

Step into the timeless groove of the 70s with "Fusion - Volume 1," a masterful sample pack, capturing the essence of a golden era, Jimmy Q brings the sophisticated sounds of jazz fusion right to your fingertips.

Inspired By Legends

"Fusion" draws inspiration from icons like RAMP, Weather Report, and Return to Forever. This collection features 10 intricate compositions, each meticulously crafted to embody the groove and complexity that defined 70s jazz fusion.

Elevate Your Productions with Authentic Sounds 

Transform your productions with the timeless sounds of classic horns, intricate guitar riffs, vintage keys, emotive strings, and masterful drum patterns. Each element is meticulously recorded using live instruments and vintage techniques.

Versatile Creativity 

Designed for seamless integration, every sample in "Fusion - Volume 1" is labeled with BPM and Key allowing for seamless integration into your projects. Also enjoy peace of mind with our master clearance guarantee.

70's Jazz Fusion

By Jimmy Quinn

Butterfly Dreams

85 BPM

New York

75 BPM

Mister Mellow

85 BPM

Maybe Tomorrow

75 BPM


85 BPM

Night People

75 BPM


  • 10 Jazz Fusion Inspired Compositions
  • Packed With Live Instrumentation
  • Non Drum Versions Included
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed