High Society Vol. 2

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Elegant Compositions

Immerse yourself in 11 original full-length samples, each crafted with smooth keys, soaring strings, and deep grooving basslines. "High Society 2" is designed to provide the perfect backdrop for tracks that resonate with luxury and prestige. 

Dynamic Progressions

Each sample in this collection is enriched with multiple musical progressions, offering a complex tapestry of emotive chords that evolve throughout the track. This feature provides an abundant source of inspiration and sampling opportunities, making it ideal for producers seeking depth and variety in their music.

Versatile Formats 

Whether you need raw inspiration or precise control, "High Society 2" has you covered. Enjoy the flexibility of non-drum versions included in both the compositions and stems formats, allowing for seamless integration into your projects. 

Production Ready

All samples in "High Society 2" are meticulously key and BPM labeled, ensuring they fit effortlessly into your production workflow. Delivered in 24-bit WAV format, these samples are compatible with all DAWs and samplers. With guaranteed master clearance, you can focus on creating and releasing your music without the hassle of sample clearance issues. 

Smooth Soul Samples

By DJ Pain 1


73 BPM


90 BPM


79 BPM


78 BPM


86 BPM


81 BPM


  • 11 Original Full Length Samples
  • Non Drum Versions Of Each Sample Included
  • Comps & Stems Version Available
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed