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Discover a collection that embodies the soul of R&B, offering a rich tapestry of sounds for producers and artists alike. From the velvety touch of keys to the smooth glide of vocals, "Indigo" is your gateway to creating music that speaks directly to the heart.

Lush Vocals

Immerse yourself in tracks enriched with soul-stirring vocals that capture the essence of R&B storytelling. TY’s distinctive voice weaves through each composition, adding layers of emotion and authenticity.

Warm and Soulful

Every sample in "Indigo" has been crafted with warmth in mind, ensuring your productions carry the genuine soul and passion that fans of R&B crave. The pack serves as an ideal foundation for creating tracks that resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level.

BPM and Key Included

To streamline your production process, every sample comes labeled with its BPM and key. These samples seamlessly integrate with any DAW or sampler.

Captivating R&B Samples


Dreams and Fairytales

81 BPM

Flights Booked

92 BPM


68 BPM


78 BPM


65 BPM

Mind Games

91 BPM


  • 10 Captivating R&B Samples
  • Soul Stirring Vocals
  • Stems Option Available
  • Hassle Free Clearance