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Maximum Overdrive Volume 2

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Seasons greetings fellow producers! Dreamlifebeats and Memory are back with a brand new edition of Maximum Overdrive. This is Volume 2 of our 80’s based sample series (courtesy of The Sample Lab). This sample library is perfect for producers who want to give their beats a distinct 80’s flavor. 

Each track contains elements from hardware synthesizers which include the Juno 106, Moog Sub 37, Prophet 6, and the Oberhiem-6. What’s more, each track is complemented by 80's style guitar riffs to make every track as BIG as the hair on every hair metal band member’s head. 

The goal was to create samples that sounded distinctly 80’s yet could be reimagined by today’s producers to create amazing beats for any number of genres, most notably Pop and Hip hop. We think we’ve achieved that goal and can guarantee these samples will send you and your production flying down the highway to the Danger Zone!    

Includes 10 full compositions (with different sections) and over 100 files in the stems version. Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).