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Soular Expressions Vol. 2

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Memory Presents - Soular Expressions Vol 2

Like the first volume, SE 2 was inspired by 1970's Soul, Funk and R&B. Each track was crafted with the intention of bringing you back to that era, as well as the one that followed, where producers like ourselves were digging in the crates at every record, book and thrift store we could find (not to mention our parent's attic). 

It's true, there are differences between sampling from record versus from a sample library, but it was my goal to make the two synonymous by creating full compositions rather than simple loops. This allows the producer a wider range of sample options per sample and will contribute to the uniqueness of their overall flip. 

What's more, SE 2 is a major leap from volume 1 in terms of sound quality and design. Each sound has been treated with a variety of analog pedals and other outboard gear (complements of dreamlifebeats), or replaced with live instrumentation from several noteworthy musicians. S/O to (Alexandre Bile on bass, Cam Henderson on horns and Weber Marley on flute and Sax). 

The pack included 10 full-length samples. Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are key and BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).