Modern Soul

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Introducing "Modern Soul"

"Modern Soul" is a new sample library with 10 original compositions created by the multiplatinum producer Moo Latte. This series emphasizes deep, colorful, and soulful sounds with smooth chord progressions and vibey melodies. 

Seamless Transitions & Unique Movements

Each composition in the "Modern Soul" series features different sections that vary in intensity and texture, yet transition seamlessly from one to another. This thoughtful design allows for the creation of unique movements within sample chops, making it easy to incorporate them into your own projects.

Perfect For Various Genres  

This pack is ideal for genres like Soul, Boom Bap, RnB, and even Trap-soul. Its diverse sound palette ensures that you can find the right elements to fit your specific style and genre needs. Each composition is carefully crafted and recorded with real instruments, providing an authentic and rich sound that enhances your music production.

Comprehensive & Ready To Use 

Master clearance is guaranteed, and all samples are BPM and key-labelled for easy integration into your projects. "Modern Soul" by Moo Latte is a comprehensive and ready-to-use collection that will elevate your music production to new heights.

Versatile Soul Samples

By Moo Latte


130 BPM


77 BPM


146 BPM


122 BPM


122 BPM


128 BPM


  • 10 Original Compositions
  • Recorded With Real Instruments
  • Stems Upgrade Available
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed