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Nostalgic Sultry Chords

Each progression resonates with a tender longing, inviting reflection and introspection. These chords embody a delicate balance between longing for the past and embracing the present, creating a rich and emotive atmosphere that lingers in the soul.

Warm Soulful Drum Loops (Loops & One Shots):

Carrying the resonance that envelops the listener, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity. With a smooth and soulful groove, they infuse a sense of emotion and depth into any musical composition.

Ambient Vocals:

Lush harmonies, soft whispers, and airy textures that blend seamlessly with ambient music styles of the time. Creating a warm soulful ambience.

BPM and Key Included

To streamline your production process, every sample comes labeled with its BPM and key. These samples seamlessly integrate with any DAW or sampler.

Nostalgic Soul Samples

By Rmb Justize


171 BPM


144 BPM

The Purchase

152 BPM

I Suppose

163 BPM

Brunch (Drum Loop)

141 BPM

Moonwalk (Drum Loop)

191 BPM


  • 11 Nostalgic Soul Samples
  • 63 Warm & Soulful Drum Sounds
  • Ambient Vocals
  • Stems Option Available