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Library Classics

Dive into the rich tapestry of sound with "Motives," a collection of 14 expertly crafted musical gems brought to life by the dynamic duo of Killem Dafoe and Beatnick Dee. This library spans a sonic spectrum from the dusty corners of soul to the grimy, bleak backdrops of urban landscapes, offering a diverse range of sounds that echo the classics yet feel entirely new.

Straight Out Of The Vaults

Each track is a testament to the timeless art of beat-making, channeling the spirit of the golden era of Hip-Hop and beyond. This collection is not just music; it's a journey through the heart of urban soundscapes, designed to inspire and ignite your creative passions

Feed You Sampler

Prepare to feed your sampler with a rich diet of crisp, soulful cuts and gritty grooves. "Motives" is your go-to source for injecting your tracks with authentic, vintage vibes, meticulously processed to ensure they cut through the mix with clarity and warmth. Whether you're crafting beats, laying down backdrops for your rhymes, or weaving intricate instrumentals, these samples are the fuel for your creative fire.

BPM and Key Included

To streamline your production process, every sample comes labeled with its BPM and key. These samples seamlessly integrate with any DAW or sampler.

Soulful Hip Hop Samples

By Killem Dafoe & Beatnickdee

Rose Gold

76 BPM

Echo Park

72 BPM


77 BPM


82 BPM


125 BPM


148 BPM


  • 14 Soulful Hip Hop Samples
  • Vintage and Authentic Compositions
  • Stems Option Available
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed