Nostalgia Therapy Bundle

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 Endless Possibilities

A Journey Through Raw Soul, Library, and Soundtrack Concepts. Dive into the timeless essence of soulful nostalgia with the Nostalgia Therapy bundle

Soulful Creations

Each of the 60 samples within this bundle is a testament to the power of raw soul, library, and soundtrack concepts. These compositions are not just musical pieces; they're journeys through emotions, memories, and pure soul. All samples come with every sound stemmed out. 

 Authentic Sounds

Full of live instrumentation. Expertly played guitar, world class bass lines, soulful piano's and Rhodes as well as live string sections. Nostalgia Therapy offers a wealth of possibilities for producers and artists seeking that soulful spark.

Master clearance is guaranteed

All samples are key and BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers). Each sample also comes with a no-drum version.

Authentic Soul Samples

Produced By Dreamlife

Hearing Things

73 BPM

Cold Mornings

135 BPM

Fire And Ice

82 BPM

Waters Edge

70 BPM

Beautiful Lies

73 BPM

Distance Interlude

136 BPM


  • 60 Samples
  • 1019 total audio files
  • 10 Unreleased Bonus Samples
  • 18.5gb Of Music To Sample
18 GB • 1019 FILES

Nostalgia Therapy Bundle

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