Reel Drums

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Authentic Drums Loops

Experience 130 hard-knocking, soulful drum loops, each played with a precision that only a professional drummer like Tamuz can deliver. These loops blend classic hip hop and funky beats, providing the perfect rhythmic foundation for your tracks.

Punchy One Shots & Fills

In addition to the loops, "REEL DRUMS" offers 130 punchy drum one-shots and fills. Created from scratch, these samples maintain the integrity of traditional drum sounds while offering the crispness and punch that modern production demands.

Pristine Analog Quality 

Every sample in this pack benefits from 100% analog processing, capturing the essence of tape warmth that digital simply can't replicate. The result is a sound that’s rich, full, and incredibly inviting.

Essential For Beatmakers 

Whether you're crafting beats for hip hop, funk, or any genre in between, "REEL DRUMS" is an essential tool for producers seeking authentic, warm, and powerful drum sounds that cut through the mix. 100% royalty free.

Authentic Drum Loops

By Tamuz


83 BPM


94 BPM


83 BPM


79 BPM


91 BPM


96 BPM


  • 130 Drum Loops
  • 130 Drum Sounds
  • 260 Total Sounds
  • 100% Royalty Free