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Fusion Of Genres, Fusion Of Worlds

"Satin" seamlessly blends elements of R&B and Soul into a mesmerising tapestry of sound. Each of the 10 samples bring a distinctive blend of soul and sophistication, offering an immersive experience of musical elegance that captivate the mind and inspire new ideas

10 Bonus Drum Loops

To Complement the tracks, we've included 10 bonus drum loops. These provide the perfect foundation for your music, offering smooth, groove-inducing drums essential to any R&B and Hip Hop production.

Crafted With Precision, Delivered With Passion

Immerse yourself in the meticulous craftsmanship of "Satin," where every beat, every chord, is expertly curated to perfection. Throughout this sound library, TY's artistry shines, weaving intricate melodies and infectious vocals into a tapestry of sonic delight.

Seamless Clearance For Your Projects 

Embrace your artistic vision with ease, as each sample comes with our master clearance guarantee. Produce with peace of mind, knowing your projects are clear for commercial use without any sample clearance hassle.

Captivating R&B Samples


Dream Police

75 BPM

Those Feels

80 BPM

Why Do Fools

85 BPM

Me n Who

121 BPM

My Apologies

75 BPM

Suede Seats

88 BPM


  • 10 Sophisticated R&B Samples
  • 10 Bonus Drum Loops
  • Infectious Vocals
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed