Shades of Soul

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  • 🕰️ Timeless Elegance: Travel through time with "Shades of Soul" by Top Shelf Music, where the warm resonance of '70s soul music comes alive in modern compositions.
  •  🎵 Vintage Vibrations: The pack encapsulates the essence of the golden era of soul, seamlessly woven into 10 full compositions using live instrumentation and blending old-school charm with contemporary artistry.
  •  🎛️ Classic Craftsmanship: Top Shelf Music's respect for vintage techniques is evident in each sample, all created with signal chains and mixing techniques inspired by vintage consoles and textures.
  • 🥁 Percussive Beats: This journey into nostalgia is complemented by 10 unique percussion breaks, adding rhythmic depth and versatility to your musical creations.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM and key-labelled and formatted.