Soulful Moods Vol. 5

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Evolved Soulful Expressions

Dive into 10 new masterfully curated tracks that not only honor the profound emotional depth of vintage soul but also introduce fresh, contemporary elements. Each piece is crafted to resonate deeply, offering a modern twist on classic soulful vibes.

Refined Organic Grooves

This volume enhances its focus on live instrumentation, blending authentic soul rhythms with modern production techniques. The result is a seamless fusion that feels both timeless and innovative, ideal for producers seeking to blend classic and contemporary styles.

Fresh Sonic Innovations 

"Soulful MOOds Vol. 5" brings a renewed sense of creativity and sophistication to the series. With added layers of intricacy in the arrangements, these compositions offer new textures and dynamic builds that engage listeners and producers alike.

Master Clearance With Confidence 

As with previous volumes, all samples in "Soulful MOOds Vol. 5" are covered by our master clearance guarantee. Produce with peace of mind, knowing your projects are clear for commercial use without any sample clearance hassle.

Evolved Soul Samples

By Moo Latte


130 BPM


82 BPM

Touch The Sky

70 BPM


91 BPM

Day By Day

80 BPM


90 BPM


  • 10 Masterfully Curated Compositions
  • Full Of Live Instrumentation
  • A Blend of Authentic Soul Rhythms With Modern Production Techniques.
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed