Soulful Rain

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Authentic 1970's Detroit/Motown Soul Samples

Dive into the timeless sounds of the 1970s with "Soulful Rain Vol.1," a collection of 10 ORIGINAL samples produced by DillyGotItBumpin. Inspired by Detroit/Motown Soul, this pack captures the essence of an iconic era.

Live Guitars & Vocal Finesse

Featuring live guitars and bass by @GFriendLRC, each sample resonates with rich, soulful melodies that transport you back in time. The inclusion of vocals by @MsLauraRain adds a layer of depth and emotion, making these samples perfect for creating music with a vintage touch.

100% Original and Hassle Free

One of the standout features of "Soulful Rain Vol.1" is its 100% originality. These samples are crafted from scratch, and with our master clearance guarantee you won't encounter any clearance hassles when using them in your projects. 

Stems Upgrade Available 

"Soulful Rain Vol.1" offers maximum flexibility with an optional stems upgrade available for all samples. This allows you to deconstruct each track and manipulate individual elements to suit your creative vision. Each sample is key and BPM labeled, making it easy to integrate them into your workflow.

Detroit/Motown Soul Samples

By Dillygotitbumpin

Carry On

72 BPM


75 BPM

Do Not Disturb

78 BPM

Erase Away

84 BPM

Good Morning

77 BPM

Gotta Love It

75 BPM


  • 10 Motown/Soul Compositions
  • Live Guitars & Bass
  • Vintage Vocals
  • Hassle Free Clearance