Soulful Sonics Vol. 3

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Unleash the soulful vibes of the '70s with "Soulful Sonics Volume 3," a collection of 10 original samples that pay homage to the golden era of soul and gospel.

• Live Recordings that Resonate: Immerse yourself in live recordings featuring vocals from k333ks, N.O.A, and Johnathan D., horns by Iram Reyes (trumpet & flugelhorn), Jeremy Duke (trombone), and Aesayah (tenor saxophone), violins and violas by adrian [ai], and a rich array of guitars, trumpets, and more from multi-instrumentalist producer, CHR0N!AC.

• Versatile Arrangements: Each sample comes in various forms, including original recordings, re-pitched or sped-up (Chipmunk Soul) versions, and full arrangements structured with hooks, verses, pre-hooks, and intros/outros. Dive deep into the creativity these arrangements offer.

• Complete Control: Each sample's foundation is strengthened with accompanying Bass MIDI files, alongside essential tempo (BPM) and key labels, ensuring an intuitive creation experience.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM and key-labelled and formatted.