Soulmetrics Vol. 2

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• Dive back into the soulful universe with "Soulmetrics Vol.2" by the incredibly talented Jimmy Quinn. This sequel continues the tradition of organic and live instrumentation, delivering a soulful experience that's rich in vintage charm.

• 100% Organic Soul: "Soulmetrics Vol.2" brings you the warmth and authenticity of live instruments. From basslines to strings, horns, guitars, keys, and drums, every element breathes soul into your music.

• Deeper Vintage Vibes: Immerse yourself in the timeless ambiance of vintage jazz-soul. These 10 new full-length samples transport you to a bygone era. 

• For Producers Seeking Golden Era Grooves: If you're on a quest to capture the essence of golden era boom bap and infuse your tracks with soulful vibes, this library is your golden ticket.

• Compatible with Any DAW: We've included non-drum versions of each sample, offering complete creative control. All samples are BPM and key-labeled for seamless integration into your production. And, as always, master clearance is guaranteed.