Soulmetrics Vol. 4

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Classic Sounds Reborn

"Soulmetrics Vol. 4" encapsulates the essence of a bygone era with classic horns, intricate guitar riffs, vintage keys, emotive strings, and soulful drum breaks. Each piece is a nod to the masters of Jazz, Funk, and Soul, recorded with live instruments to capture the authentic sound and emotion of the '70s.

Live Instrumentation & Vintage Techniques 

Live Instrumentation & Vintage Techniques: Crafted with precision, every track in this collection boasts the warmth and grit of vintage recording techniques. The live instruments breathe life into each composition, ensuring that producers and musicians get the highest quality, authentic sounds for their projects.

Comprehensive Collection

10 original compositions, inviting producers to explore a rich tapestry of sounds. Additionally, versions without drums and full stems are included, providing unparalleled flexibility and creative freedom in the studio.

Master Clearance Guaranteed

All samples are key and BPM labeled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).

Authentic Soul & Jazz

By Jimmy Quinn

Broken Biscuits

85 BPM

Going Up

85 BPM

New Dawn

65 BPM


85 BPM

Light Years

65 BPM


75 BPM


  • 10 authentic Jazz, Funk & Soul Samples
  • Live Instrumentation
  • Stems Version Available
  • Hassle Free Clearance