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Still Life

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Memory Presents "Still Life" (Loop Series)

Still Life consists of 20 royalty-free loops compiled of live guitar that focus primarily on the genres of Jazz, Neo Soul, Soul and R&B. Each sample consists of 4-8 tracks of guitar that have been artfully layered and sequenced to provide a uniquely rich and progressive feel. For those that appreciate simplicity, however, the stems for each compilation have been included for anyone who purchases this pack.  

Memory’s guitar playing can be characterized as a fusion of genres all rolled into one congealed glob of emotion and experimentation. His goal for this sample pack, however, was to travel deeper down the rabbit holes of Jazz chord theory and Neo-Soul voicing in order to create a sound more tailored to the respective genres. In doing so, he was able to grow himself as a guitarist and musician, as well as provide producers with thought-provoking material to craft their beats from.

Royalty Free. All samples are labelled with BPM and Key, and will be delivered in 24-bit WAVs.