Swamp Soul

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Rich Keyboard Textures

Immerse yourself in delectable keyboard arrangements that define the soul-jazz genre. From smooth Rhodes to vibrant Wurlitzers, each track is imbued with the authentic vibe of the 70s.

Greasy Guitars & Authentic Drums

Dive into greasy guitar riffs and crunchy, bona-fide vintage drum sounds that encapsulate the raw energy of the era. These elements combine to create grooves that feel both nostalgic and refreshingly dynamic.

Comprehensive Production Toolkit

"Swamp Soul" is also available with drum-less mixes and ALL STEMS, giving producers total control over their soundscapes. Mix, match, and manipulate to your heart's content, crafting tracks that are truly your own.

Versatile and User Friendly 

All samples in "Swamp Soul" are meticulously key and BPM labeled, ensuring they fit effortlessly into your production workflow. Delivered in 24-bit WAV format, these samples are compatible with all DAWs and samplers. With guaranteed master clearance, you can focus on creating and releasing your music without the hassle of sample clearance issues.

Authentic Soul Samples

By Alex Williams

Les Pommes

120 BPM


76 BPM


106 BPM

Panna Cotta

72 BPM


98 BPM

Sand & Fog

96 BPM


  • 10 Vintage Soul & Jazz Samples
  • Drums & Drumless Versions Included
  • Stems Version Available
  • BPM & Key Labeled