Tamuz Sampler

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Premium Drum Sounds

Dive into a selection of 100 top-tier drum sounds that encapsulate the essence of Tamuz's dynamic range and impact. Each drum hit is crafted to deliver the punch and clarity needed to elevate your tracks.

Raw Compositions

In addition to powerhouse drums, this sampler includes 3 full-length compositions, showcasing Tamuz’s versatility and expertise in creating compelling musical narratives.

Rich Melodic One-Shots

Explore 75 melodic one-shots, each a testament to Tamuz’s creative prowess. These samples range from lush keys to vibrant synths, giving you a wide palette to spark creativity and innovation in your productions.

Versatile and Ready To Use

Every element in this sampler is meticulously formatted to ensure seamless integration into your workflow. The drums are 100% royalty-free, and all samples come with master clearance guaranteed, providing peace of mind for both personal projects and commercial releases.

Premium Drum Loops

By Tamuz

Foulory _ Wet

95 BPM


90 BPM

Spring Time

97 BPM


76 BPM


88 BPM

Jimmy 2

84 BPM


  • 55 Drum Loops
  • 3 Original Compositions
  • 45 Drum Sounds
  • 75 Melodic One Shots