Tane Sampler

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Premium Sounds

Dive into a curated selection of the finest sounds from Tane's entire catalog. This sampler features a top-notch array of drum breaks, one-shots, and captivating compositions. This sampler gives you a preview of what Tane's packs have to offer. 

Drums and One Shots

Explore 40 Royalty free drum breaks and 60 punchy drum one-shots, each a testament to Tane's creative prowess. 

Exclusive Compositions & Melodic Samples

In addition to drums, this sampler includes 8 exclusive compositions and 50 melodic samples, showcasing Tane's versatility and expertise in creating compelling musical narratives. 

Versatile and Ready To Use

Every element in this sampler is meticulously formatted to ensure seamless integration into your workflow. The drums are 100% royalty-free, and all samples come with master clearance guaranteed, providing peace of mind for both personal projects and commercial releases.

Premium Drums & Compositions

By Tane

Burner (Composition)

74 BPM

Bagel_Dry (Drum Break)

70 BPM

Another Day (Composition)

78 BPM

gvinot_Mix_2 (Drum Break)

83 BPM

El_Bimtuta (Composition)

73 BPM

Spanky_Verb (Drum Break)

87 BPM


  • 40 Royalty free drum breaks and loops
  • 60 Punchy drum one shots
  • 8 Exclusive compositions
  • 50 Melodic samples