The Visitor Vol. 3

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Prime and Vintage Fusion

"The Visitor Volume 3" offers a collection of compositions meticulously crafted for today's music landscape while echoing the soulful and adventurous vibes of the past. It's the perfect canvas for producers seeking to blend contemporary sounds with timeless influences.

Eclectic Genre Exploration

Navigate through a rich tapestry of Italian/French OST, Noir, Exotica, and detective series-inspired tracks, complemented by a touch of fusion. This library invites you on a sonic exploration unlike any other, offering a wide range of emotions and atmospheres.

Ideal For Hip Hop Connoisseur 

With influences that will resonate with fans of Griselda, Alchemist, Mobb Deep, and beyond, "The Visitor Volume 3" stands as an essential toolkit for crafting beats with depth, character, and a nod to the greats of hip-hop.

Bpm and Key Included

To streamline your production process, every sample comes labeled with its BPM and key. These samples seamlessly integrate with any DAW or sampler. Master Clearance Guaranteed.

Cinematic Hip Hop Samples

By Peter Raw

Visitor pt3

67 BPM


73 BPM

Lucid Dreams

105 BPM


114 BPM


104 BPM


64 BPM


  • 10 Meticulously crafted samples
  • Ideal For Hip Hop Connoisseurs
  • Bpm and Key Labeled
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed