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Top Shelf Music Library presents Vibrations


10 original compositions inspired by Japanese City-Pop from the 80’s. Vibrations is filled with glassy keys, dreamy synth pads, lush string arrangements and dancing synth leads. These compositions were made using sounds from the DX7, Mellotron, Prophet Rev 2, Moog Sub-37, Casio CZ1000, OP-1, and vintage electric guitars and bass.

Each sample was processed through a TEAC Reel-To-Reel tape machine on 1/4” tape, and summed using a Dangerous Music 2BusLT for unmatched vintage warmth. Each track comes with a drum and non-drum version.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are labelled with BPM and Key, and will be delivered in 24bit WAVs.

Compositions by: @_halfspeed, @_jonahbrooks, @_samhudgens