Vintage Supreme

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•  Vintage Supreme: A masterful collaboration between platinum producer DJ Pain 1 and The Sample Lab's esteemed Dar'rell Banks. It's where luxury meets the rhythm of soul.

•  10 Original Compositions: Bask in the warmth of authentic soul compositions. Whether you’re sampling or building from scratch, these tracks will lay a solid foundation for your production. (Bonus: Option for stems available!)

•  Hip Hop's Heartbeat: Dive into 10 meticulously crafted Hip Hop breaks and drum loops.

•  5 MIDI Sequences: Flexibility at its best. With these MIDI sequences, adapt, and mold the compositions to fit your unique style seamlessly.

•  Essential Toolbox: A treasure chest for both seasoned and budding producers. If luxury, soulful hip-hop is your muse, this library is your one-stop solution.

Perfectly tailored for those aiming to blend soulful sophistication with the raw essence of hip-hop. Vintage Supreme is more than just a sample pack; it's a cornerstone for luxurious beats.