Vintage Supreme Vol. 2

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Introducing Vintage Supreme Volume 2 - Where Soulful Luxury Meets TimelessRhythms

• Elevate Your Sound: DJ Pain 1 and Dar'rell Banks return with a triumphant sequel to the acclaimed Vintage Supreme series. Volume 2 is where the essence of luxury converges with the soulful heartbeat of rhythm, offering an unparalleled sonic experience.

• 10 Original Compositions: Immerse yourself in the timeless warmth of 10 original compositions that embody the very soul of music. Whether you're sampling or creating from scratch, these tracks provide an unshakable foundation for your production.(Bonus: Stems included for added versatility!)

• Grooves That Define Hip-Hop: Step into the heartbeat of hip-hop with 10meticulously crafted drum loops and breaks that pulsate with the spirit of the genre.

• 14 MIDI Progressions: Unleash your creativity with 14 MIDI progressions that offer boundless adaptability. Shape and mold these sequences to harmonize perfectly with your unique style.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM labelled and formatted. Drumloops are royalty free.