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Sonic Symphony

Introducing “Voltage" By Killem Dafoe. This synth loop & one shot library is full of sonic potential, with over 200 meticulously crafted One Shots and Loops. Each sound in this collection is birthed from the Behringer Poly D synthesizer, renowned for its rich, analog warmth and versatility.

A Fusion of Sound and Processing

Every sound in this library undergoes a transformative journey. From the raw oscillations of the Poly D, they're channeled through an array of processing sources, refining and enhancing their character. The result? A diverse palette of sounds, bursting with texture and depth

Royalty Free One Shots

With "Voltage," you have the freedom to create without constraints. Every one shot in this library is royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your tracks without worrying about licensing issues.

Peace of Mind with our Master Clearance Guarantee 

As for the loops, we've got you covered with our Master Clearance Guarantee. We understand the importance of being able to use loops in your productions without the hassle of sample clearance. That's why every loop in "Voltage" comes with our guarantee, giving you the peace of mind to unleash your creativity without any headaches.

Poly D Loops & One Shots

By Killem Dafoe


148 BPM

Deep End

155 BPM

Pull Up

118 BPM


85 BPM

Whirlwind 2

70 BPM

God's Graces

97 BPM


  • Over 200 Loops & One Shots
  • Created using The Behringer Poly D synthesizer
  • Royalty Free One Shots
  • BPM & Key Labeled