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"Wanderer" by DirtBoy: A Sonic Odyssey Inspired by Anime

 • Anime-Inspired Soundscapes: "Wanderer" pays homage to the unparalleled beauty of anime soundtracks, channeling the intricate compositions and emotional depth that define them.

• Timeless Time Signatures: With a focus on 3/4 time signatures, this collection of 10 samples brings a unique rhythmic flavor to your music, inviting creativity and exploration.

• Japanese Scale Mastery: Most tracks in "Wanderer" were meticulously crafted within Japanese scales, lending an authentic touch that transports listeners straight to the heart of anime's most poignant moments.

Non-drum versions are included. Master clearance is guaranteed: All samples are key and BPM labeled and formatted as 24-bit WAV (compatible with all DAW’S and samplers).