El Camino Del Lobo

The Complete Collection

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The El Camino Del Lobo Collection - 30 Full Compositions W/Stems


El Camino Del Lobo Volume 1
El Camino Del Lobo Volume 2
El Camino Del Lobo Volume 3

  • 🌵 Wild Western Tunes: Unleash your inner gunslinger with "El Camino Del Lobo - The Complete Collection", a captivating Western-themed soundtrack sample library. This bundle combines three spellbinding volumes of auditory treasures brought to life by Dreamlife and Memory.
  • 🎞️ Cinematic Inspiration: Drawing from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's films, classic Westerns, and immersive video games like "Red Dead Redemption 2", this collection leaves no stone unturned in delivering the vibrant essence of the West and Southwest.
  • 🎶 Diverse Soundscape: The library features 30 diverse samples encompassing a range of moods, from lively and uplifting to hauntingly dark. Each track features live acoustic and electric guitars, bass, vocals, harmonica, whistle, and a medley of artisanal sounds, meticulously crafted to take you on a sonic journey through the Wild West.
  • 🔧 Expert Craftsmanship: The samples are expertly processed with outboard gear and, in many instances, resampled to evoke a distinct, nostalgic feel. The choice of instruments, tone, timbre, and space have been carefully considered to ensure an authentic Western experience.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are labeled with BPM and Key and delivered in 24-bit WAVs. Take a step back into the wild days of yesteryear with "El Camino Del Lobo - The Complete Collection".